*Note, this is just a Preliminary Guide for the Marathon Runner (one week before the game), not a preparation guide (three months before the game).

One week before the game

  • The training reduction does not degrade, run less, but still run the previous pace;
  •  Diet, do not eat too much-refined carbohydrates, such as candy, soda, during this period to reduce the intake of sugar.

Two days before the game, take a good rest and ensure sleep

  • About the diet, start to consume a lot of sugar, eat more rice, eat a little Snickers, etc., to ensure that the sugar reserves in the body peak. Fat is not easy to digest, should not be eaten too much, eat less prone to gas: lactose milk, beans.
  • Prepare shorts or tights. The tops can be quick-drying T-shirts (not cotton). Socks and shoes are usually worn on the day of wearing what to wear on the day (the pursuit of performance can be changed for marathon shoes), a good sports sunhat will let us I don’t feel so dry during the game.

The morning of the Game day

  • Yogurt (do not drink pure milk), fresh bread, bananas, pickles, etc., 500ml sports drink/water.
  • The stomach must be drained as much as possible before going out. (Reducing any excess cumbersome is necessary and necessary)
  • Tie the laces before going out, how to tie the laces. If the laces are scattered on the way, don’t consciously squat down and tie the laces. Be sure to leave the runway first and kneel down to ensure safety.

On the race site

  •  The solution, (I want to say that it is ok to drink coffee before the game, but caffeine has a diuretic effect, so drink less.)
  •  Warm up at least ten minutes in advance for half an hour, stretch the thigh and lower leg muscles properly to prevent injury. Undress after warming up. If the temperature is low, use a disposable plastic raincoat to keep warm, so you don’t have to bring too much clothing to the arena, saving you the trouble of hosting.
  • Drink water/sports drink, but drink slowly, no more than 200ml.

In the marathon

  • Start the game, maybe get side stitches, it is because the warm-up did not do well, or eat the wrong things within 12h. At this point, you should slow down and have a rhythmic deep breathing adjustment (snorting).
  • Find the rhythm of running at a constant speed, the nose should be deep in inhalation, and the exhalation should be thorough. 5-6min per kilometer is the most appropriate place for most young people to enter the competition. At this speed, the heart and lungs do not feel difficult and can barely communicate. It’s wise to run with a rabbit. The rabbit’s uniform, rhythmic will help you achieve your goals with ease.

Preliminary Guide for the Marathon Runner from iSportMedals.com (1)

  • About 5KM (about half an hour), the body will start to enter the state, it may be a little uncomfortable, but it will pass in about ten minutes.
  • Before the water station, you can eat the supplies, slowly enter the water station (carefully slip), take two small mouths after taking the water, don’t drink too fast, to prevent stomach pain. For marathon novices, salt pills and energy gels can greatly improve the quality of the finish.
  • Uphill, the upper body is tilted, the step frequency is increased, and the arm swings faster.
  • Downhill, the upper body is reduced in inclination, the arm should be relaxed, the deep breath, the footsteps gently decline naturally, and the pace should not be too large or too fast.
  • Before 30KM, the state and speed can be maintained relatively easily. After 30KM, any negligence in normal training will be infinitely enlarged at this distance, which will become more difficult and need to be mentally prepared.

After the marathon

  • Supplement carbohydrates, protein, and supplement sports drinks.
  • Organize the movement and relax. It can be ice water bath (can alleviate delayed muscle soreness) and can be massaged properly (personally does not recommend it immediately after the game, and the massage technique should be as light as possible).
  • High-intensity exercise can cause exercise-induced immunosuppression, so keep warm after the game, be careful of colds!