Jigsaw Sports Medal. But Why?
First, what is the Jigsaw Sports Medal or multi-piece series medal?
I think everyone knows what is a puzzle, and we also play the puzzle game. You can find, only one puzzle piece it can be an Independent toy and after we put them together, we can get a bigger toy and surprise.
The Puzzle Piece Sports Medal is similar to a puzzle toy, only one medal is an Independent design, and if you put many pieces medal together, you can get a bigger medal.

Puzzle Styles Sports Medal
As a professional custom sports medal manufacturer, we make the sports medals based on the designs from the clients, or we design the medals for the clients. From two years ago, we found the multi-piece medallion began to take off. After we produced about 20000pcs Puzzle Piece Sports Medal in 2017, and about 30000pcs multi-piece Medal in 2018, I have a talk with one of our clients, a sports medal designer for marathons, about Why the Puzzle Piece Sports Medal is So Popular in Sport Events last month after he placed a new order, the design still is a Puzzle Piece Sports Medal.

Then, what is The Benefits of Sports Events Organizer to Design a Puzzle Piece Sports Medal for the Participants?

Jigsaw Sports Medal can bring more people to your events.

1, You can design the sports medal for an event in many pieces. Here is a sample to show it, the heart shape sports medal.

Heart Shape Puzzle Sports Medal (1)Heart Shape Puzzle Sports Medal (2)

See, to design the heart shape medal into 2 pieces, then, you can ask the participants to invite their Best of opposite sex friends to join the event. After the event, the female get the medal with the women logo and the male get the medal with the man logo and put them together, it is a big medal, a big heart. In this way, the participants maybe will be double. And what you need to do, just design a puzzle sports medal.

2, If the sports event Organizer has many different sport games per year, you can design the puzzle sports medal for all the games.
Here is an example of sports medal from Korona Karkonoszy Cycling Races in Poland. There are three Korona Karkonoszy Cycling Races in Poland per year, So the medal designer makes the medal into 3 pieces.

Korona Karkonoszy Cycling RacesKorona Karkonoszy Cycling RacesKorona Karkonoszy Cycling Races

After all the races over, and the participants can get the three medals, it can be a big medal as follow:

Korona Karkonoszy Cycling Races

So, after the participants attend the first race in the year,  then if they want to get a full medal, they need to go to the other two races, then the participants will not be lost in the other two race.

Multi-piece series medal will keep the runners back to your events.

The event is held every year, and the organizer needs to do a lot of promos to increase the number of athletes. It is very hard to attract new entrants, maybe more budget for promo, and everybody can not sure how many new entrants will come.
But if we change our mind, why do not to do things to increase the repeat athletes? It is easier. To design a multi-piece series medal is a cheap, and easy way. Like the medal, designers have done for the Cowtown Marathon.

multi-piece series medalmulti-piece series medalmulti-piece series medalmulti-piece series medal

See, three medals for three years, and it will be a big medal after put them together, also can be a nice trophy in acrylic medals holder. So, if the runners want to collect all the medals to make the nice trophy, then they need to be a repeat runner in your marathon. and we do not do any promo, just change the design of the medal, to make a Multi-piece series medal.

Multi-piece medallion will make your events More attractive.

Why we hold a sports event? I think the most important point is to get more happy for people. And why people take part in the games? Making more new friends in the events is the main purpose, I think.
So, how the organizer can do to match these two points? Yes, Making a Multi-piece medallion for the participants.Like 2017 Reebok Ragnar relay do, they use Multi-piece medallions to make the runners run with Strangers. I think this is a very, very good idea, here is the design of the Multi-piece medallions

Multi-piece medallions Multi-piece medallions

See, after the Reebok Ragnar relay, every one can meet 11 new friends at least. And we usually post the photos with our friends when we meet each other in the first time to the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms, the tag the official page of the events. There is a huge benefit for the events, the Organizer does not need to do any promo, but runner does, and Free for the Organizer.

So Far, you know Why the Puzzle Piece Sports Medal is So Popular in Sport Events,
As a sports events organizer,
Don’t you want to bring more people to your events?
Don’t you want to increase your repeat athletes to your events?
Don’t you want to make your events More attractive?
If the answer is YES, please contact us to make your Puzzle Piece Sports Medal Medal NOW.